Abravanel Hall July 2019

Title of the Song

Singing Valentines 2019

Children’s Justice Center Benefit 12/18

Illustrious Director, Adam Scott

Apple Tree Residents’ Christmas Performance 12/18

Text Me Merry Christmas

North Front Sound of Music: Barbershop Broadway 8/18

There’s No Business Like Show Business
Kiss the Girl

Supporting Cancer Families Benefit 6/18

Singing Valentines 2018

Singing Valentines 2018

A North Front Sound Christmas 2017

Scrooge, confused at receiving a visit from Bob Marley
Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Presents
Nothin’ But Treble – Merry Christmas, Darling
Fruit Tights Quartet
Bonneville Flatts
Silent Night featuring Nothin’ But Treble

Apple Tree Residents’ Performance 12/17

Davis Arts Council’s Free Sunday Night Concert Series 7/17

Fruit Tights Quartet
The Andertones